First Impressions: ‘Interview with the Vampire’

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk about a new series I recently watched and share my first impressions with you all!

The AMC series, Interview with the Vampire, is the newest adaptation of Anne Rice’s famous gothic vampire novel. I’m a huge fan of the book, so of course, I was eagerly waiting for this series.

The first thing I noticed is that this is most definitely a completely new take on the novel. There is quite a lot that is different from the original work (and the 1994 film).

First and foremost, many years have passed since the interview that takes place in the book. Set in 2022, Louis de Pointe du Lac once again calls on journalist Daniel Molloy to recount the story of his life.

Immediately, I knew we were in for something that strays away from the source material.

Louis, for one, is a newly updated protagonist. The series begins by exploring his past, living as a black man in early 1900s America. There, he meets the vampire Lestat, and, like in the original, our story progresses from there.

So far, I’m really enjoying this new take on Louis. I like that they included his relationship with his family — particularly his brother Paul — which is present in the novel but was altered in the film. But most of all, Jacob Anderson’s performance is divine. He plays Louis so well, capturing his despair and moral anguish flawlessly while also bringing something new to the role. I always thought he was great in Game of Thrones, so seeing him take center stage here is wonderful.

On to Lestat. Now, this is where I get picky, as Lestat was the author’s most beloved character (and my favorite too). I’m so happy to say that of what we’ve seen so far, I think Sam Reid is marvelous as Lestat. He’s eccentric, sensual, and dangerous. And, absolutely hilarious when he needs to be.

Most importantly, the actors for Louis and Lestat have outstanding chemistry. I love that this series does not shy away from the gay subtext in the novel, instead choosing to go all the way with it.

Additionally, the visuals and ambiance are immaculate. Something that made the 1994 film so great was that it excelled in capturing the gothic feel of the novel. The series succeeds here as well. The sets and costumes are all gorgeous and feel true to the source material.

All in all, I believe the series is off to a great start. I think it’s fantastic that we’re getting an updated adaptation of this remarkable novel.

However, I know many die-hard fans of the book may be turned off by how different this adaptation is. That’s perfectly fine. But to truly appreciate this piece, I think it’s best to view it as a separate entity that shows appreciation for the original while also giving us a contemporary interpretation. After all, the cast has discussed their love for the source material and how this series takes into account the other books in The Vampire Chronicles. From watching only the first few episodes, it’s clear that the showrunners cherish Rice’s work and are treating it with care.

The fourth episode of Interview with the Vampire premieres this Sunday and I simply cannot wait! (Episode three left us on a huge cliffhanger!) Overall, I’m so excited to watch more of this series and to see what else they have in store for us!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. Wishing you all the loveliest day! 💞